The World's First Cannabis Themed 3D Platformer!

Featuring a magical pipe brought to life in order to save his best buds! Puff Puff must run, jump, spin, and burn his way through levels that can beas small as a dime to as large as a pound of the good stuff!

Developer: Dragon Paint Games

Release Date: January 8th, 2021 for Early Access;

April 20th 2021 Full Release


Windows, Mac OS, (Early Access and Full), Android, and iOS (Coming Soon)




Cross Platform game. Plays on different devices.

Availability: Digital Download on Steam (Early Access and Full) Android and iOS(Full Release) Collect buds, fill your jars and reep the rewards!

World’s first 420 themed 3D action platformer.

Run, Jump, Spin, and burn your way through various obstacles while collecting buds to unlock power ups.

Levels Designed by Artificial Intelligence.

Procedural level generation makes new levels everytime you start a new game. You will never play the same level more than once!



420 Enviroment

Observe a unique cannabis fueled enviroment.

Great Soundtrack

Sound track was made for this game by FUBEL Sound.

Time is ticking

Race through the levels before your HP expires.

Early Access

Enjoy this game before anyone else and give user feedback on what you'd like to see in the future!

Compete with Friends

Try to get the best highscore!

AI created levels

Artificial Intelligence randomly generates the levels!

Dank Powerups

Find voluptuous vapes, gorgeous gravity hits, lucky lighters, and more as you collect jars to unlock powerups!

Enjoy the game in four languages

Spanish, German, English and Dutch!

420 Enviroment

Observe a unique cannabis fueled enviroment.



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